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New developers in the R&D Belgium Team

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We would like to present you the people behind the software, see who's doing what and who is actually the OpenERP team. This past month, we have recruited two new members for our R&D team.


One of them is Thibault and I will let him present himself:

"I am Thibault Delavallée, a new comer in R&D at OpenERP Belgium. I studied civil engineer in electro-mechanics, at the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium. I also worked 5 years at the university, as a researcher in embedded electronics. Further, I continued to work on projects of the Walloon region in Belgium that promote research and cooperation between the university and industry. Those projects implied both hardware and software aspects, such as respectively low-power embedded processor architecture and an experimental compiler development for multicore processors.

After a 5-year work at the university, I wanted to specialize in software implementation, while still being in a research and development atmosphere; that is why I am at OpenERP now.


More personally, I am 28 and I live in Louvain-la-Neuve. Among my leisure activities, I enjoy board games or pen and paper role-playing games. I spend some of my free time in programming activities, such as testing Django. I also play badminton, so if you are looking for a partner around Louvain-la-Neuve, feel free to contact me!"


Our second new-comer is Michael Vannerom


 "My name is Michael and I am a new OpenERP employee. It is my first job, I have just finished my last school year. I have got a degree in computer science and I would like to become a developer. I am excited to start in this dynamic and young company

In my free time I like team sports, especially soccer. I'm currently playing   indoor soccer. I also like new technology and open source."


We will continue presenting you the people who will join our team in the future and some who have already joined the team! Keep you posted!


Date : 21st November, 2011

Develop Automated Tests Scenario with YAML

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OpenERP implements automated tests in every module to guarantee the stability of the code. A simple example of a test scenario would be:

  • I create a purchase order with 5 PCE of PC1
  • I test that the purchase order total is 5*450+300 EUR
  • I validate the purchase order
  • I check that a draft invoice has been generated with 5*450 EUR

The main file format used to develop these tests scenario is YAML. You just need to add a .YML file in your module to ship a fully automated test scenario that will be executed at each installation of your module. The above scenario would be implemented like this:
       I create a purchase order for Asus with 5 PCE of PC1, and 1 PCE of PC2
       !record {model: purchase.order, id: purchase_new}: 
          partner_id: base.res_partner_asus 
            - product_id: product.product_product_pc1 
              product_qty: 5.0 
            - product_id: product.product_product_pc2

Every YAML file is composed of a set of operations separated by a line containing the character " - ". If you write a line of text without a particular expression, OpenERP will consider it's a log to be displayed when the test is running.
The tag "!record" allows to create an OpenERP object. Since the v6.1 (in trunk), you just need to pass the fields you want to write as if you recorded them in the user interface. OpenERP will automatically simulate the default_get and on_change calls to retrieve other fields: shipping address, product unit of measure, etc. The above code creates a purchase order with two lines.
The great advantage of this feature is that it tests and executes all these methods on the purchase.order and purchase.order.line object: default_get, fields_get, fields_view_get, onchange_warehouse_id, onchange_partner_id, onchange_product_id.
In your YAML file, you can also add assertions to check the values of a record. These assertion can be Python code (using unittests) or YAML assert tag.
      I test that the purchase order total is 5*450+300 EUR = 2550 EUR
      !assert {model: purchase.order, id: purchase_new}
        - amount_total: 2550.0
        - state: draft
And you can also use any python code to perform your tests.
     I validate the purchase order and I check that a draft invoice has been generated
     !python: {model: purchase.order}
       self.validate(cr, uid, ref('purchase_new'))
       po = self.browse(cr, uid, ref('purchase_new'))
       assert len(po.invoice_ids)==1, "You should have one invoice related to this PO"
That's it!
In order to continuously test the evolution of OpenERP, every commit made by a developer is fully tested against the 2300 tests that are provided in OpenERP by default. For this purpose, we use the runbot platform that launches all test scenario at each developer's commit:


Date : 15th November, 2011

Why partners should consider the OpenERP sales training

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OpenERP started an initiative that we believe will boost our partners to generate more revenue. How do we plan to do this? We have put in place a sales training that will give you the right tools and know-how to sell OpenERP. 

We had the first session in Brussels, in English. The next training is taking place in Paris, in French (subscribe here). Below there's a short summary of the content:

  • Publisher-partner relationship

  • Strategic Positioning

  • Detailed sales cycle

  • Sell ​​"out-of-the-box"

  • Sell ​​projects

  • Sell ​​OpenERP Enterprise

  • Sale Business Cases

  • A growth strategy

  • Effective marketing

  • TOP mistakes new partners make

We are very excited about the results and feedback we had from our first session and we are  confident that the rest of our partners will see the benefits as well. 

“The sales training for partners is absolutely a prerequisite for every sales person how wants to sell OpenERP implementations. In one day you get the insides on how to act and react at your prospect, which approach you can follow and how to win with a minimum of investment a new customer for OpenERP.” Karel Hendrickx, Dynapps

"The  training "How to sale OpenERP?" organised by OpenERP is a must for partners willing to exchange ideas on the way you sell OpenERP with the live support of OpenERP staff." Eric Vermeulen, Haulogy

"The course was a great opportunity to consolidate knowledge of how to demonstrate effectively the OpenERP Platform and confirmed to me, how fantastic a tool it is ,to showcase to our potential clients, who would undoubtedly buy this software with open arms both because it saves money, but most importantly, its easy to use and saves time." Manoj Pandya, Pinakin Consulting

"This training really helped me optimize our sales process for OpenERP as a product. Qualifying leads, follow up with a demo, a proof of concept and quoting improved." Sebastiaan Kleine Staarman, Smile Benelux

There's no doubt about it, you should be the next to participate and get equipped with the right tools to sell OpenERP.


Date : 4th November, 2011

OpenERP v6.1 code review workshop

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OpenERP is working on the release of its latest version 6.1. As we collaborate with our large network of community members and partners, we wanted to get first hand feedback on our new version. So, we organized a workshop to review the code together with partners and the usability with test users. The way we proceeded was to create scenarios for the test users covering the major OpenERP business flows.
Our main goal was to highlight the possible usability issues v6.1 might have through the different scenarios put in place. Secondly, accelerate the process of reviewing the code and correct the found bugs. 
The feedback from these two days uncovered a few generic usability issues and some more specific ones (related to particular modules or web client). The most specific issues will be fixed in due time for the release. 
Some of the generic usability issues that were found:

  • the fact that the form or the editable list are not saved and gives an error message
  • the organisation and behavior of buttons in form

A few bugs were also uncovered during the workshop, and some of the technically-inclined participants even got their hands dirty starting to fix them on the spot with the help of our R&D engineers. We are thankful for that!

We believe that the event was a real success and a great opportunity to discover v6.1 in a different way, with first hand experience. It's also a good way to highlight usability issues with the help of our partners and end users.
We plan to repeat this experience for future versions, so next time be the first to subscribe and work together with our R&D team on our premises. 

Take a peak at the pictures of the event

Date : 27th October, 2011

First OpenERP training in Australia

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The first OpenERP training held in Australia was organized by our first partner in the region Willow IT in collaboration with OpenERP s.a. The training was one week long entirely limited to partners, integrators and developers in need for an in depth coaching on the OpenERP development process.  

The event proved to be very successful and the participants were very happy with the results. Read more about the training. 

"The training has given me the essential knowledge I need to get up and running with my own module development. It was well worth my time attending." 

"Thanks again for a great course, it eclipsed all my expectations."

OpenERP works with partners around the world to close the gap between the need for training and the resources available. As a result, we have set-up a strategy to respond to this demand and empower our partners. We want to share the revenue and responsibilities with our partners. Consequently, the partners will deliver quality services and OpenERP ensures up-to-date training  material and marketing. Read more about how OpenERP does this.

Date : 18th October, 2011

The Evaluation Matrix is back on!

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The website is meant to help you compare certain ERP software systems.  It has been restructured and improved, with more relevant data to help you have a more efficient and thorough comparison. The software systems taken into consideration for the new platform are both open source like OpenERP and Openbravo, as well as proprietary ones like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.  

They can be compared by evaluating a number of factors like features, market position or technical quality.  It's very user friendly and it allows you to check the pros and cons of a certain software in literally just a few clicks. You can choose two or more ERPs to compare in one go, depending on your need. 

You will notice that new tabs were added to give you a complete experience and offer you in depth information that will make your assessment of the products more objective and holistic. Thus, you can browse through graphs and softwares to read the individual descriptions of each ERP. Also, there is a tab with News, containing articles on the few ERPs considered.  

It's worth mentioning that the means used to build the data to compare the ERPs is by gathering the personal experience of users shared on the internet, like blogs, forums, planet feed, etc. For example, currently the comparison data is based on 979 criteria and 4264 users' feedbacks, numbers shared in the main page.  

So, feel free to explore it right now and share it !

Date : 23rd September, 2011

The new integrated Payroll module

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Before and After

The first payroll module we developed was for v6.0, but until now it was only working for India. The new payroll module will be available in v6.1; cleaned, verified and improved. It has been made generic, so it's up to you to integrate it with the rest of your modules and adapt it to your country's specific payroll rules. This module has been fully developed by OpenERP and it incorporates ideas gathered at the Community & Partner's Days 2011.

Main improvements

Fully integrated and powerful

One of the best features about the new payroll module is that it's easy to customize. So, even your very specific needs can be taken care of.  Also, as you are probably used to by now, the module is fully integrated with the rest of the software. For instance, used in parallel with the hr_payroll_account, it automatically generates accounting entries, that you don't have to input manually later.


Another example is the holiday management that is now integrated with the payroll. This means that if one of your employees has a leave request for 5 days, the system will automatically decrease the number of days worked for this particular employee. 

Flexible & smart

We have eliminated some extra steps for simple tasks. For example, you can generate a batch of pay slips in one go. In the payslip run you can generate a batch of slips by department, month or by picking a number of employees. This allows you to spend less time and have your payslips ready at once. Also, we have set up the feature that permits you to add multiple contracts for a single employee.


Another useful characteristic is that when you want to get the pay slip ready, you only have to select the right employee and the rest of the data fills in automatically. Needless to say that you have the option to add extra data, like extra hours, sick leave, percentage of sales made in the case of sales people, etc. At the end, you have a clear view of the data input, for a final review before you confirm.

Multiple countries

Currently, we provide payroll rules for Belgium, but you can do it as well for your own country. As it's so easy to customize, the only thing you have to do is paramatization. There's no development required for the payroll engine, but you may have to add some fields on the contract form respective to your country, as well as specific payroll rules. 


How will this help your company?

As it is open source, it will be under constant improvement and our community and partners can actively participate to make it viable for their own countries. Also, the database and the rules it requires will continually grow, similar to the case of the Accounting module. 

Another considerable advantage is that if you are already running your company on OpenERP, it will save you costs in outsourcing your payroll to a different software solution. 

You can access the branch here:

Read more in the presentation below.


OpenERP Payroll Introduction
View more presentations from


Date : 15th September, 2011

Danone surprises the market deploying an open source ERP - OpenERP

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"Extraordinary project in the industry world, Danone deploys a very fast, integrated managing tool in the merging countries. Surprise: it's an open source software package and the integration dealdlines are astonishing!"

Although Danone is a significant SAP client, the industry giant decided to use an open source integrated ERP solution for the emerging  countries where it operates. The OpenERP integration was done in collaboration with Octo Technology.

    OpenERP, a good SAP alternative for Danone's small entities

OpenERP was integrated in three of Danone's entities in Columbia, Argentina and Australia. Although the company has invested a lot for several years integrating SAP, it proved not to fit the needs that Danone had in the green field entities. From 20007, the structure of the group has changed, finding themselves in the position of having to manage smaller entities, which were not necessarily generating big revenue.  So, implementing their core model SAP didn't make sense. Consequently, a less expensive and more flexible solution was sought, allowing  faster implementations. 

Octo Technology said that even though SAP covers a large array of needs, it's an integrated non-modular software, not offering a lot of room for mistakes. They proposed OpenERP as a solution to Danone, as they considered it to be backed by a solid Software Editor and a strong community. 

Octo Technology went on further to explain that it was easy to work with OpenERP as it is well suited to agile implementation methodologies.

Satisfied with the results of the implementation, Danone would like to develop a platform to synchronise OpenERP with SAP.  

Read full article here

Date : 8th September, 2011

OpenERP 6.0.3 & Security Advisory

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Last week we announced a new bugfix release of OpenERP 6.0. If you didn't get the chance to download it yet, find it in our download section. We strongly advise any OpenERP user to migrate to v6.0.3 as the previous versions contain a major security vulnerability issue. 

You can read the full Security Advisory here for more details:

Note that OpenERP Enterprise customers have been notified about the issue and the availability of the patch well in advance of this public disclosure, following our Security Alerts policy. OpenERP Online customers are protected against this as well: all the servers were updated transparently as soon as the patch was available. 

If you are still running on 6.0.2 or older, we encourage you to migrate to v6.0.3 as soon as possible to protect yourself against this security threat. OpenERP Enterprise customers can contact their usual support & migration contacts to get more information about the patch, help to apply it or to migrate from a previous version.


6.0.3 Changelogs:


Date : 24th August, 2011

OpenERP Enterprise, a new offer for SMEs

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We are proud to launch a new offer of our OpenERP Enterprise product for SMEs with less than 10 users. In order to launch this new offer, we apply a special promotion valid up to 15th of September. You can benefit from all OpenERP Enterprise services for a monthly price of 165€, instead of 185€ after the 15th of September.

OpenERP Enterprise includes the services you need to run OpenERP in a professional environment;

  • Functional support
  • Unlimited bugfixes
  • Migrations
  • Security alerts
  • Private modules

Normal Price: 1950€ / year (or 185€ / month)

Special Price: 165€ / month

Advantage: 240€ / year



  • payment only by credit card
  • contract for at least one year

How would this help you?

Look into this offer in more detail and see how it fits your needs.

Date : 15th July, 2011

OpenERP Partner Portal

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We are very excited to announce the launch of our new partner portal today. The Portal is a great added value to the services and assistance offered to the OpenERP partners.

All the features of the partner portal are described here:

The goal of the partner portal is to help partners:

  • Learn OpenERP:
    • Free bi-weekly webinars on 13 different topics
    • Technical & Functional documents
    • Implementation methodology
  • Get more leads and customers
    • Visibility on forwarded leads
    • Access to marketing documents
  • Deliver quality services
    • Access to our support services
    • Access to the migration platform
    • Access to our bugfixing services
    • Access to our buildbot and runbot platform
  • Develop their OpenERP business
    • Organize shared marketing events
    • Communicate on our channels
    • Follow-up your OpenERP Enterprise contracts
  • Find useful information
    • For your daily activities with OpenERP
    • Contracts
    • Follow-up of your OpenERP revenues, etc.

The Portal features the familiar OpenERP user interface, giving access to the necessary information such as Marketing, Sales, Development, etc. On top of that, partners can find all the information about their partnership, their dedicated contact, their current revenue status, visibility and leads.

We want to emphasize that the partner portal is mirroring the needs and demands we have received. The final scope of the partner portal is to help partners learn OpenERP, get more leads and consequently boost their business. It's a great channel to offer quality services and support
partners in developing their OpenERP business.

Important: Partners will receive an email with login and password for the Partner Portal today! If you are an OpenERP partner and did not receive one before monday evening, please contact your account manager.

We hope you will enjoy our new services to partners!


Date : 8th July, 2011

Improved OpenERP Website

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We just launched an updated version of the official OpenERP website, including:

    * A world map of our partners:

    * A centralised place to buy our products and services:

The new page "Buy" enables you to to access all OpenERP products in one place and buy directly from the website. Structured in five parts, the clients may purchase our products (OpenERP Enterprise, OpenERP Online), our services (support, custom migration), trainings from our CTP partners and OpenERP books.

Improved OpenERP Enterprise Offer

The previously called "OpenERP Publisher Warranty" offer has been improved and renamed "OpenERP Enterprise". In order to answer customer needs and improve our quality of services, we added two new services in the OpenERP Enterprise offer: technical and functional support and the ability to develop and use private modules for customers who do not want to release their own developments.

OpenERP Enterprise is entirely dedicated to professional use benefiting from a  number of valuable services. Clients will be able to take advantage of:

    * Ability to use and develop Private Modules

    * Support services -  any functional or technical issues, both in English and French

    * Unlimited bug fixing

    * Unlimited migrations to the new OpenERP versions.

    * Security alerts

Read more about these services:

If you need more information about OpenERP Enterprise, you can:

    * Have a look at the complete offer:

    * Read the FAQ:

Release of 3 new paperback books and a special promotion

We cherish our documentation and want to make sure we have everything covered. So, after 6 months of development, we are publishing 3 books that can already be purchased. The three books cover the CRM, Logistics and Manufacturing.

If you dream of a perfect organization, we highly encourage you to acquire your own copy right now. What is more, you can benefit from the special offer we have available until the end of June which includes a big discount and free shipping.

You can check out the details with the offers and buy online:

June promotion, get your Three Pack Books

    * Drive your Sales & Marketing Activities with OpenERP

    * Integrate your Logistic Processes with OpenERP

    * Streamline your Manufacturing Processes with OpenERP



Date : 24th June, 2011

OpenERP Online gets on the Google Apps Marketplace

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We are glad to announce the presence of OpenERP Online on the Google Apps  Marketplace. OpenERP Online has been placed under Accounting &  Finance. All you need to do it create a Google Apps Marketplace account.  This a great opportunity for OpenERP to grow it's global visibility and  expansion, but more particularly make it easier to integrate OpenERP  with your favourite apps.

There were some changes that OpenERP had to do in order to become complaint  with the Marketplace's conditions. One of the changes that OpenERP had  to undergo is directly connected to the OpenID. This meant that the customer had to be able to register and log into OpenERP directly from Google Apps without having to re-enter their  OpenERP connection credentials every time. Moreover, other specific  technical changes had to be done which involved the tech SaaS team in its deployment into production.

Further,  " to potential customers and users, it shows that OpenERP is willing to  improve and change its product in order to improve their customer  experience, making it even easier for them to integrate it within their  specific company management applications eco-system" (Maxime Glorieux, chief of Saas). It means they can  rely on the OpenERP management and  R&D teams to constantly improve  their ERP system to better support/follow them in their company  management and growth. OpenERP is a solution they can rely on now and  over the long term.

So, explore now OpenERP Online on Google Apps Marketplace!

Date : 26th May, 2011

Audaxis becomes Gold Partner OpenERP

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With the renewal of their partnership, Audaxis becomes OpenERP Gold Partner, as well as OpenERP Certified Training Partner (CTP) for France and Tunisia.

As a result of sustained investment in OpenERP and additional new projects in different sectors, Audaxis reaches the Gold level as OpenERP partner. This new status confirms the company's presence and strengthens its actions on the market of open source ERP in France and Benelux.

Audaxis also became a certified training center for France and Tunisia, joining the Certified Training  Partner Program (CTP). This program aims to respond professionally to the growing demand for OpenERP technical and functional trainings worldwide. In this context, Audaxis OpenERP soon will organize trainings in Paris, Lille and Tunis.


Date : 17th May, 2011

OpenERP offers FREE VIP Gold Passes to Cloud Expo in New York

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OpenERP will be present at Cloud Expo in New York on June 6-9, 2011.
How To Register as a "VIP Gold" guest @ Cloud Expo:

  1. Go to our special registration page:
  2. Enter the Coupon Code openerpVIPgold[case sensitive]
  3. The price will re-set from $2,000 to $0 and you can then complete the brief registration process for full access to all sessions, all four days.

(For these complimentary VIP Gold passes, Luncheon and access to the Cloud Computing Bootcamp is NOT included.)
Anyone following these three quick steps will secure for themselves a free "VIP Gold" Pass for the entire event, valid for all four days - one that gives full access to all 140+ sessions across 7 tracks, including all Keynotes, General Sessions, Discussion Panels, and Technical Breakout Sessions...everything that a fully paid $2,000 Golden Pass brings, in fact, with the sole exception of Luncheon and access to the Cloud Computing Bootcamp.
We look forward to greeting you personally -- and any colleagues you may choose with our blessing to send this email on to!! – at The Javits in New York City June 6-9, 2011.
Cloud Expo 2011 - Conference Schedule:

Date : 7th May, 2011

"I like OpenERP!" 2011 Community & Partners Days Feedback

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I like OpenERP! J'aime OpenERP! Me gusta OpenERP! Ich mag OpenERP!
These are just few of the languages that expressed their opinion on OpenERP.

Last week we had three full days where we shared our achievements, vision for the future, new concepts, success stories and of course brilliant ideas for improvements.

First day
was dedicated to bringing everyone up to date with OpenERP's 2010 accomplishments
, present the V6 R&D road map and get in touch with everyone. Not only that, but  we gave the chance to our community members to show off their developments.

Second day focused on workshops like: Usability, Manufacturing, Localisation, etc. It was impressive to see the results at the end of the day and the OpenERP team took on the decision to implement many of the ideas presented.

Last day was reserved to the OpenERP partners and mainly targeted case studies, success stories and a time to have the partners lined up with the 2011 targets.

The feedback was incredible and we want to share all slides and videos made during these
three days.

1) For all the slides, just access the slideshare account for the 2011 Community Days:

If your presentation is not there, please emailed it to ngh(AT)

2) We have a dedicated youtube account for OpenERP. You can find the first interviews and presentations here. The rest will follow, we just need some time for editing.

3) For all pictures of the event, access our facebook account

We are very grateful to all our participants and we want to remind everyone that OpenERP is one of the leading open source business applications due to the team work with our community members and partners. Together we have created an amazing product!

Stay open source and Keep on sharing!

Date : 20th April, 2011

OpenERP news: map view of data by Camptocamp

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«MAPS ARE COOL», said Luc Maurer, Camptocamp's founder and director, when presenting the integration of maps in OpenERP.


As Confucius once said: «A picture is worth a thousand words». This is exactly what Camptocamp achieved by adding the geographical dimension as a new analytical tool within an ERP.


Camptocamp's Business Solutions and Geospatial Solutions teams have merged their long-term technical competencies and experiences to create a unique and exclusive geolocation component for OpenERP. These developments allow, among other things, to display customers within a precise location, to analyze sales figures for a selected country, to visualize different logistic flows, and to provide maps for any other data available in OpenERP.


Users can place simple marks, graphs, and colors per geographical area, as well as calculate distances and surfaces. This map view opens unlimited Geo-BI (Geographic Business Intelligence) possibilities to companies using OpenERP.


Camptocamp pledges that this is only the beginning. By adding this new dimension to the core of OpenERP, the user will carry out effortless following business applications:

  • Geographical queries and filters (ex: list of the last sales made within 10km of point of sales);

  • Geo-marketing (ex: customer areas analysis, direct marketing);

  • Logistics optimization (ex: stock location);

  • Improvement of distribution flows (ex: find shorter way to deliver customers);

  • Fleet management (vehicles, boats, etc..);

  • Dashboards;

  • Crises management.


As of today, no other ERP provides this functionality as an integrated view solution. With this breakthrough, Camptocamp demonstrates the benefits of Open Source communitarian development.


Come discover these developments as well as the connector OpenERP and the e-shop Magento at the 2011 eCom conference taking place on May 24 in Geneva (Switzerland):




Complete press release:

Images and logos:

Screencast demo:



Date : 13th April, 2011

OpenERP Community & Partners Days - Reminder

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We are all very excited about the 4th edition of the OpenERP Community & Partners Days!

Please find the complete agenda for three days, 13th - 15th April here For the late comers, keep in mind that the location for this year is Louvain-la-Neuve.

If you haven't booked your hotel yet, you can choose one of the hotels selected here: Please mention you come on behalf of OpenERP, as we have negotiated special rates for our participants.

Although Louvain-la-Neuve is pretty small town, but charming we don't want to lose you.
Please have a look at the map.

We have organized car-pooling from Wavre. Do let us know in due time where we can pick you up from.

Also, don't forget to add your name here, if you're joining us for dinner on Wednesday, 13th April.

In case you need help, you can call:

1) For general info about the event, organization and agenda: Ms. Helene Michel +32 486 277 907
2) For locations in Louvain-la-Neuve: Mr. Thibault Francois +32 478 563 432
3) General info about the event: Mrs. Nicoleta Gherlea +32 484 374 285

See you soon and don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Date : 11th April, 2011

First testimonial from our CTP in Venezuela

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Nhomar Hernandez, Venezuela                                                                                     Netquatro, Partner and CTP                                                                                    


"We believe that becoming a CTP was the best decision after becoming a Partner. It allows us to share our experience in a sustainable way with people who believe in OpenERP as we do."


About the experience

Becoming a CTP has been a really great opportunity to know almost all partners around Latin America. It allowed me know their expectations around OpenERP, evaluate how everybody is doing things and how I can share my years' experience with them.

Before we became a CTP we considered it difficult to give trainings due to the lack of direct information around the decisions taken by OpenERP with regard to all great features in new versions. Having access to the official material as a CTP helped us have a greater vision about the  key points are around OpenERP from a technical and functional point of view. We became a reference as specialists who give OpenERP trainings.

About the commercial points

OpenERP did a really great work around the marketing, we almost can't compete with OpenERP's capacity of selling trainings. We dedicate almost all our resources to prepare a great training (with the material given by OpenERP, as well). OpenERP is dedicated to sell and create a market, so we can focus on our partnership and trainings.

We believe that becoming a CTP was the best decision after becoming a Partner. It allows us to share our experience in a sustainable way with people who believe in OpenERP as we do. 

About the training material

This is one of the key points of the CTP. You have access to material that guides you step by step with the key points you need to teach and this is really useful. This together with our experience allows us to dedicate only 10% of real time needed to prepare the classes, because the material speaks by itself. The only thing you need to do is study with discipline and your trainings will be ready quickly.

About the logistics

The answer from OpenERP around the logistics issues mixed with Eventbrite has been great. Being in touch directly with OpenERP at all times is another key point around the CTP. We really work as a team and not as a competitors, in a really transparent way that allowed us to have win-win benefits with OpenERP.


Want to know more about becoming a CTP? Read more here and contact your account manager today!

Date : 5th April, 2011

Community & Partner Days - Book your stay in Belgium

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Let's start with some more information about Louvain-la-Neuve, where our Community & Partners Days will occur this year.


You can download a map of Louvain-la-Neuve by clicking here:

Here you can see on the map, highlighted              
- the Hotel Mercure,
- the Place Montesqieu, where are the Thomas More auditoriums
- the train station Gare SNCB


We have managed to book rooms and negotiate special rates for you in the two following hotels:

- Hôtel Mercure in Louvain-la-Neuve, 15 minutes walking from train station and Thomas More auditoriums
- Hôtel Leonardo in Wavre, 15 kilometers from Louvain-la-Neuve by bus

These rates are available until Wednesday, April the 6th. After that day, we cannot assure you will benefit from room in these hotels at special rates.

You can book your hotel now by clicking here:

If you have further questions, contact our event manager, Helene Michel at events(at)

Date : 4th April, 2011

OpenERP to acquire competitor - April Fool's Day! We hope you enjoyed our joke!

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We have great news! After long negotiations, we were able to seal the deal on acquiring the Belux subsidiaries of SAP. As a consequence SAP Belgium and Luxembourg will stop running SAP solutions in these two markets. As of the beginning of Q3, current employees of SAP Belux will start exclusively reselling OpenERP implementations. One of the main reasons this move was achieved it's because of OpenERP's strategy to expand these markets.    


Date : 1st April, 2011

OpenERP relies on its partners to open official training centers all around the world

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New Business Opportunity 

As a result of the increase in the customer demand for OpenERP trainings, we have set-up a strategy to respond to this demand and empower our partners. We want to share the revenue and responsibilities with our partners. Consequently, the partners will deliver quality services and OpenERP ensures up-to-date training material and marketing.

The Certified Training Partner (CTP) has the purpose of enabling OpenERP partners to deliver "a consistent and high quality level of training". Through the CTP you will benefit from :

  • visibility (listed on the official OpenERP trainer)

  • official and recognized training from the Publisher 

  • constant revenue through the trainings you organize

 How do we help you?

OpenERP gives you access to all training materials and updates for each new version:

  • Trainees and instructors exercise paper books

  • Slides for the teacher

  • Answers to the exercises

  • The OpenERP manuals and PDF of the books

OpenERP helps you sell your trainings:

  • We promote the event on

  • We redirect leads and organize marketing campaigns

  • We sell directly with our sales team for you

For each participant, we provide you:

  • Access to the training center platform

  • One access to the certification exam

  • An official OpenERP certification       

How can you apply? 

  • provide a plan explaining your experience in deploying OpenERP, organizing training sessions, plans to promote the OpenERP training sessions and a description of the facilities you will be using,

  • submit the list of persons who will become the trainers

What are the requirements?

To apply for a CTP you must:

  • Be an OpenERP Certified Partner (Ready,  Silver or Gold)              

  • The certified engineers who will deliver the training must pass the certification exam (functional or technical) with over 70% success rate. You are free to choose if you want to deliver just one or both. 

  • Sell at least 30 seats per year

  • Pre-buy 8 seats at the beginning of the CTP contract for the set-up costs           

There are two categories:

  • Standard CTP

  • Premium CTP means that you translate and adapt all the training material into the country's language. 

OpenERP partners who are CTP

We are proud of our partners who are already benefiting from the CTP: E-nova (France), Big Consulting (Germany), Syleam (France), CamptoCamp (Switzerland), Akretion (Brazil), and Vauxoo (Venezuela and Mexico). 

Take a look at the testimonial of our CTP in Venezuela:

"We believe that becoming a CTP was the best decision after becoming a Partner. We really work as a team with OpenERP and not as competitors, in a really transparent way which allows us to have win-win benefits.

You have access to material that guides you step by step with the key points you need to teach. This together with our experience allowed us to dedicate only 10% of real time that is needed to prepare the classes, because the material speaks by itself."                                                                          

                                                                                                     Nhomar Hernandez, Vauxoo                                                                                                         

Date : 31st March, 2011

OpenERP Apps for open source business applications

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OpenERP is launching today its Apps library, where all the OpenERP-based applications are open source! With more than 1,000 applications and growing, available for free, OpenERP Apps is one of the world's biggest repositories of enterprise management applications.

OpenERP Apps comprises complete applications like CRM, Accounting and Project Management as well as very specific applications like fleet management, marketing campaigns automation, e-Commerce integration, point-of-sale, etc. OpenERP Apps also includes vertical applications related to specific sectors. As an example, you will also find applications for managing hotels, auction houses, training centers, book stores, manufacturing industries, etc.

The Wikipedia of management Software

Like wikipedia, the open source applications of OpenERP Apps are developed collaboratively by OpenERP Partners, Customers or members of the community. The best of these applications are quality certified and maintained in the long term by OpenERP SA.

The OpenERP community produces around 30 new applications every month which makes OpenERP the fastest growing suite of open source business applications. The development of these applications are organized on Launchpad, Ubuntu's development platform.

In order to develop, test, translate and continuously improve these applications, the OpenERP community is organized into teams of people having different roles in the development process:

  • translator teams, organized per country and language, translate and review all new terms. Each language team has between 1 and 3 leaders who are the only ones with rights to validate suggestions proposed by the team to integrate in the application,
  • expert teams are responsible for the quality control of the specifications. They are organized into functional groups: usability experts, financial experts, industry specific expert teams, marketing experts, etc.
  • localisation teams, organized by countries, are in charge of implementing the accounting and the payroll specific rules per country,
  • the community leader team is in charge of defining the way to organize the community and the development process
  • the quality team from OpenERP SA is in charge of reviewing all codes and merge proposals before integrating improvements in the official distribution of OpenERP.

Leverage through open source

Luc Maurer, director of Camp2Camp, an important contributor of OpenERP Apps explains: "The open source Apps library is a key differentiation for OpenERP compared to traditional competitors like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics who need years to build vertical applications. Applications are developed through our open source eco-system and monetized through our SaaS offer and partner network maintenance offers for on-site implementations."

Go ahead and explore and upload your application today!

OpenERP Apps:

Date : 22nd March, 2011

New OpenERP web client

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During the 2011 Community and Partners Days in April, OpenERP will showcase its brand new web client. It has been re-developed from scratch, so that's something worth seeing.

Together with the presentation of the web client, the participants will benefit from a training on how to develop modules for the web client. If you want to be among the first to see it, register to this free event and meet us at our headquarters in Belgium:

Finally, all our participants will get the latest CRM book, fresh from the printing press.

So, register, buy your plane tickets and see OpenERP and Belgium this April!

Date : 17th March, 2011

Migration for non-certified modules

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Due to the high number of requests from several partners, we are now launching an extra service for the migration for databases that include custom modules.

This service is not included in the current OPW (OpenERP Publisher Warranty) contract, but acts as an extra. The migration service that is part of the OPW only takes care of the official modules, the custom modules are generally managed by partners.

So, we are glad to announce that we can adapt and migrate any database having custom modules from V5 to V6 for the price of 800€ per 1000 lines of code. In case you have 5 modules for a total of 2000 lines, it will cost you 1600€ to migrate your database with all custom modules. As, you might have guessed, the price is per bulks of code. But, for other versions, ask for a quotation as the prices will differ also due to different levels of complexity

What does this price include?

We will:

  • convert your module to V6 and adapt it to new standards (wizards, reports, new menu structure, search views, etc.)
  • do the migration of all data for you so that you can easily migrate a database with official and custom modules.

This means that you just have to send us your database and code of your version 5 implementations and we take care of everything. We migrate the code and the data to version 6 at a fixed and low price.

This is really revolutionary for customers. No ERP Software Publisher in the world is able to provide such a service! Not only we manage everything, but it's also very cheap !

With this new service, partners can choose to:

  • Use the OpenERP Publisher Warranty service to migrate their database and manage their custom modules by themselves (adapt the code to the new version 6 and do the migration of custom modules data).
  • Use the OpenERP Publisher Warranty service with this extra option to migrate their database and all their custom modules at a very low price. We do not want to compete with our partners we want to make their life easy.

The OpenERP Publisher Warranty promotion

We also want to remind you about the promotion until the 31st of march. If you decide to buy your OpenERP Publisher Warranty after this date, we will apply a 80% extra for customers that are under a lower version than the V6. The main reason for this increase if that it costs OpenERP much more to maintain old versions.

Read more details on how migration works and what the OPW offers.


Date : 10th March, 2011

OpenERP Release Policy

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OpenERP is available in two different series: the stable series (6.1, 7.0, ...), suitable for production deployment, and the trunk series, which is the under-development version to prepare the next stable series

Hereunder is a list of the most common questions we get about the release policy.

1) When are new stable/major versions released and how are they numbered?

The frequency of major stable releases has fluctuated in the past, but the current policy is to release new stable versions twice per year, with one out of three stable versions being a Long Term Support (LTS) version. An LTS version is a normal stable version that is supported for an extended period (via OpenERP Enterprise contracts)

Stable versions are currently labelled as a decimal number with 2 components (e.g. 6.1), where the leftmost part indicates the corresponding Long Term Support (LTS) version, and the second digit indicates successive stable releases between two LTS versions.

2) How long are stable and LTS versions actually supported? And what do you mean exactly by 'supported'?

Long Term Support (LTS) versions
OpenERP Enterprise contracts cover the 3 last LTS versions in parallel. This means that when a new LTS version is released, an older LTS version reaches its end-of-life, and is not supported anymore. As an example, 6.0 LTS will be supported along with 7.0 LTS and 8.0 LTS, but will reach end-of-life when 9.0 LTS is released.

Stable (non LTS) versions
Regular stable versions are only supported until the release of the next stable version (LTS or not). For example, OpenERP 6.1 will be supported until the release of 7.0.

What is covered?
The OPW defines the kind of support you get for each covered version. This usually includes unlimited bug fixes. You can get more details on our bug correction policy here:

3) What is the difference between a LTS version and another major version? Is the upgrade procedure different?

Apart from the extended support period, an LTS version is just a normal major version. Any major version introduces many new features and improvements, and some changes that may not be fully compatible with previous version. This is true for non-LTS major versions too. For each major version, you can upgrade via OpenERP Enterprise's migration services.

4) What is the difference between a minor/patch version and a major version? Is the upgrade procedure different?

Major versions: they introduce new features and may not be directly compatible with previous stable series. As a result, a complete migration process must be followed when going from one major version to the next. This is available via OpenERP Enterprise contracts.

Minor versions: A lot of minor corrections, bugfixes and security updates are applied to the stable series between two successive major versions. These updates are automatically included every night in the OpenERP packages available for download. These packages are also called "nightly builds" and replace the concept of "minor versions". They can be installed without requiring any specific update procedure, as they only introduce bug corrections but no new feature, and never modify the database schema. Usually it is sufficient to restart OpenERP after installing the update. It may happen that some minor updates modify UI elements (user interface elements: screens, menus, etc.) or access rights, in which case you need to start the OpenERP server once with the additional options "-d <DB> -u all". This is usually not necessary and you do not need to do it unless you are updating to fix a particular UI or access right problem that you know has been fixed.


5) When are minor/patch versions released? How are these numbered? Where can the release schedule be found?

As of mid-2012 the monthly schedule for minor versions has been  replaced by nightly builds - every night a new set of installation packages is generated using the latest bugfixes and translations, after going through our comprehensive test suite.  These packages are directly published on the Downloads page.

6) I really need a given stable bugfix, but there is no minor version that contains it yet. What can I do?

As of mid-2012, minor/patch OpenERP versions have been replaced by nightly builds. You can now simply download and install the current packages from the Downloads page, they include the latest corrections as of the day before.


Last Update: 2013-03-05

Date : 25th February, 2011

Have your say at the Community & Partner Days!

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The meeting of the year has been set! Get your agendas out and book 13 to 15 April for a visit in Belgium. You want to be there and get in line with the OpenERP strategy and V6 roadmap. The first two days will will dedicated to presentations like V6.1 roadmap, demos, community organisation on so on. But, it's not all about us, we want to hear you out as well. Therefore, we would like to have members from our community present their contributions.

To add your presentations (15 minutes) on the list, just access the following link, add your name and contributions.


Second day, will have a target to generate ideas and come up with innovations by working in small groups. We want to have the whole day reserved to workshops, where a member from the OpenERP team and a partner will help coordinate.


Last day is exclusive for partners. The morning will focus on presentations on the strategy and action plan for 2011. Nevertheless, the after-noon will be a time for partners to have their own presentations (15 minutes) on user cases, methodology, marketing, etc.

So, please click on the link below, add your name and company name followed by the subject you want to present:

Remember, you will only have 15 minutes at your disposal, so make the best of it.

To subscribe for the event, acess the event page and in 2 minutes the job is done!


Looking forward for your suggestions!



Date : 18th February, 2011

OpenERP Migration: piece of cake for our team!

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Migration is one of the important services that OpenERP provides in order to offer best quality experience for our customers. After you discover V6.0 it's time to migrate from your old version and enjoy the new improvements in the new one. There are some OpenERP clients who have already opted for migration and today's success story comes from our partner PcSol.

We've finished the migration for a customer of our partner PcSol. This customer's activity sector is telephony (fixed and mobile) and internet subscriptions. They are working with OpenERP V5.0 since 2009, and the main modules they use are CRM, tasks management, timesheet, planning, Document Management and internal wiki.

The database size is about 135 Mo and we migrated it within 5 days. This migration allowed PcSol to propose specific services to his customer like update training to V6.0, prepare the migration by cleaning the customer's database, test the migrated DB with customer's process, etc. From the customer's side, this migration will give him access to all new V6.0 functionalities at a very low cost as the migration is included in his OpenERP Publisher's Warranty.

Get more information about the OpenERP migration services and ask us to do the dirty job for you!

Date : 7th February, 2011

The Revolution has started! OpenERP V6 is OUT!

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After a year and a half of hard but genius work, OpenERP has released its new version 6.0. More user-friendly, accessible, intuitive and ready to boost up your business. It's a response to the needs of our customers, community and industries and the answer to today’s market. We are very grateful to our community and partners for their effort so far and for the innovative ideas they brought. 

Here is how you can test this exciting 6.0 version:

You can also download the free eBook that has been updated to the V6.0:

If you want to meet us, we are also organizing events all around the world with our partners to present the V6.0. You can check the calendar of future events on our website:


V6.0 Benefits and Improvements:

This new version comes with 256 new community modules as well as 79 new official modules including: payroll, HR recruitment & evaluation, marketing campaigns, Outlook & Thunderbird plugins, mobile phone synchronizations, accounting localisation for several countries, multi-company by default, business intelligence like reports, etc. Some existing modules have been completely reviewed like: a full featured CRM, an advanced Warehouse Management System, an easier to use Accounting.

One of the main goals of the V6 was to make it easier: to use, to configure and to install. Our usability experts designed a completely new user interface to allow new users to start easily with OpenERP and decrease the implementation efforts/costs. As part of this simplification, we developed:

  • Easy to use configuration wizards to setup a new database
  • A new and sexy design for the web interface
  • A simplified mode for users having very basic needs
  • A Business oriented and fully customizable search bar
  • An optional help message at the top of every screen, and improved tool tips on most fields.

On the framework side, we did a big cleaning of the code to make OpenERP even stronger:

  • An automated test engine as well as 1.362 automated tests to detect regressions and a new continuous integration server which tests every commit on each official branch.
  • A lot of speed improvements on several aspects which makes OpenERP v6 even faster.
  • An improved modularity between modules: report engine are available as modules, we removed some dependencies (you can now install sale without mrp or purchase, etc),
  • A big cleaning on the code of the modules and the framework
  • A new report engine based on webkit that produces HTML reports using mako templates

To get more information:

Since the early stage of OpenERP, our success has been partially based on our modularity system. This allowed us to grow very quickly on the new features packed as server side modules, based on the contributions of many. The version 6.0 of OpenERP introduces web client modules that allows you to create modules to improve the user interface.

The firsts modules developed are: an OpenID authentication to integrate with Google Apps, a pad module for collaborative writings of documents in real time, a wiki, a live chat support integrated in the application, a new type of view: diagram, a tool to share any document (attachment, list of tasks, support tickets, etc.) to your customer or supplier and the ability to add any widget (like google gadgets or others) in your main dashboard.


What’s new in the OpenERP Online offer ?


You can deploy the version 6.0 through our OpenERP Online offer in a few seconds. This gives you the freedom to use it from anywhere, anytime and it’s only for 39€/user per month. You get all the features of the open source version plus some cool and impressive improvements like: support level 1 included (functional support through the new live chat), two incremental backup servers per instance, high reliability hosting, automated migrations to each future version, a control center to manage monitoring, deployment, backups, dns, etc.

If you already use OpenERP online, you will receive in a few days the procedure to migrate your OpenERP v5 to OpenERP v6. If you don’t use OpenERP online yet, we propose you one month free trial so that you can test OpenERP V6 online, without having to install anything:


How to migrate if you use OpenERP On Site ?


OpenERP is the only ERP in the world that allows his customers to migrate at a fixed price (and very low-cost!) by providing a migration service fully included in the maintenance contract: the OpenERP Publisher Warranty.

In order to efficiently organize the migration process, we setup a dedicated team and migration server. If you want to upgrade OpenERP, you should contact your partner to organize the services: training to the new version, activation of new v6.0 features, deployment in production. To get more information about the migration process and migrate a database, OpenERP partners and customers can use the following page:

If you don’t have an OpenERP Publisher Warranty yet, we are launching an extension to our current OPW contract: new customers that purchases an OPW before the 31st of March 2011 will benefit from the upgrade v5.0 -> v6.0 at no extra cost. After this date, all migrations from an older version than the stable one at the date of the purchase of the OPW will be provided at an extra cost depending on the version. (4.2 will be more expensive than 5.0).

If you need more information, you can go to:


What do people think about OpenERP v6.0 ?

You can:



Date : 21st January, 2011

The long awaited OpenERP V6.0 RC2 is here!

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As promised last year to our community, OpenERP has released V6.0 RC2. After working for a few months, along with our community we were able to release RC2 just in time for the beginning of 2011. So, don't waste time and access and download V6.0 RC2 here

For a Demo of RC2 just access the following link:

It's ready to be tested and we are looking forward for your feedback on addons and for the web:

Also, please use the big Feedback button that should appear in the top, right side of your instance. The plan is to replace the wishlist from Launchpad with the Feedback button. This will make it more accessible to all of our users to send suggestions, ideas and most importantly to propose new features for different modules. What is also great about this is that you can get votes for your ideas and we will try to implement the best ones. So, let us hear your new ideas!

Also, we have to remind you that it's absolutely important to keep on helping us translated in time for the release of the V6.0 stable. We plan to release V6.0 stable on 17th January. So, here is the link with all the languages that are currently in progress of being translated: To see the entire list of languages, just click View all languages on the bottom, right side of the page.

If you have any doubts about the guidelines to translate in launchpad, please click here for more info:

You have the possibility to choose your favourite language in order to have only the summary of that specific language. Here is an example for Spanish: - just click on your preferred language on the general list.

Looking forward for your feedback and impressions!

Date : 6th January, 2011