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Tuesday, 2010-04-27

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newtoopenerphey guys. where is the QT client for openerp? I cant easily find it....09:44
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ecarrerasnewtoopenerp, the project's page:
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zipgemRed15: hi, last week you told me how I can create an action with 2 new custom view (form/tree) associated without open the standard ... now I'd like to know how can I use the field sequence ...11:46
zipgemthank in advance11:46
Red15what do you men how you can use the field sequence ?11:49
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Red15you mean what would happen if you set higher/lower sequence ?11:50
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zipgemyes ... I try to set this value like 10 or 11 but it change the view of standard form and this is not what I want to do11:52
zipgemI want to create only new ... not override the standard11:53
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Red15set it to higher than 16 then i think11:53
Red15low number = higher priority11:53
Red15a bit weird when you think about it but consider they just use a sort on the sequence (so low comes before high)11:54
zipgemok ... thank you ... now I try11:55
NeveenHello , When am using "raise wizard.except_wizard(_('Message !'),_('No records returned with the selected criteria'))" it cause "except_wizard: ('Message !', 'No records returned with the selected criteria')" ??11:55
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Red15Neveen, what else do you expect it to do then ?12:01
NeveenHello Red15, am expecting  to display a the written message12:02
Red15are you raising this exception in a wizard.interface class ?12:02
Red15are you sure you're not using an osv_memory style wizard ?12:03
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NeveenRed15 : no am not, How can i display a message when result set is empty to not generating the report ??12:06
Red15so you're inside a report where you try to raise ?12:06
NeveenRed15 : inside class ticket(report_sxw.rml_parse):12:07
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Red15just do raise _('Message'),_('No results for criteria')12:07
Red15example in auction/report/auction_invoice.py12:08
NeveenThanks a lot Red15, am trying it :)12:08
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NeveenRed15 : it causes  "TypeError: exceptions must be classes or instances, not str"12:11
Red15Neveen, hmm i think your only other option is to either do this check on selection criteria in the wizard (before the report) or just print an empty report ...12:12
Red15it's not really a big deal is it ? an empty report ? as you have a preview12:12
NeveenRed15 : How can i display an empty report ??12:12
Red15if you iterate on an empty list it will only print things like headers etc12:21
Red15where you use repeatIn(...)12:21
zipgemRed15: so I've tried to set an high number on form view (like 30) but if I go to standard menu of account.analytic.account and click on analytic account form, appear my custom form and not the standard12:24
zipgemfor tree instead all is right: standard tree and custom tree ... I've tried also to not insert field sequence, but nothing change12:24
zipgemwhere I do mistake ??12:24
NeveenRed15 : i used it before the repeated section so when the result is empty it causes :"    for id in lst:12:25
NeveenTypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable"12:25
Red15Neveen, dont get None for lst, make sure you get an empty list = []12:25
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Red15zipgem, that's weird ... in what record type did you set the sequence ?12:25
NeveenRed15 : Thanks i will check it :)12:26
Red15an empty list is always better because [] == False12:26
NeveenRed15 : i returned empty list [] if len(result) = 0 but it causes " IndexError: list index out of range"12:30
zipgemRed15: I paste the code
zipgemok ... I resolve the problem12:43
zipgemRed15: now I put into the view declaration the field priority with value 3012:43
zipgemand both standard view and custom view work correctly when I want12:44
zipgem... but ...12:44
zipgemcan I do the same with wizard ??? I created a wizard and I want to open custom view and custom tree ... is possible ?12:45
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Red15Neveen, dont use if len(result) == 013:25
Red15use "if not result"13:26
Red15as i said [] == false13:26
Red15[False] == True13:26
Red15zipgem, yes you can, just specify the view_id in the action you return13:26
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NeveenRed15 : you mean return [] if not result13:35
Red15yea and also don't check the length it's a bad way for checking iterables13:35
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dodoHello, is ORing working with OpenERP web client? example: {'invisible':['|',('referencenumber','=','01'),('state','=','care_closed')]} a valid syntax?14:02
dodoI tried this diff too but till now it didn't work :S
zipgemhi again14:25
zipgemRed15: also if I want to open specific custom tree and specific custom form ??? like action ???14:26
Red15hmm zipgem not 100 sure, because action you return from wizard is just an action that is created 'on-the-fly' so you can't point your custom views to this action14:27
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zipgemmhmmmmm ... :( ok I'll try14:31
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zipgemeheh ... DataError: invalid input syntax for integer: "i"14:58
zipgemthis error occurs when in my wizard I try to call view with parameter ---> 'view_id': 'custom_form_analyticaccount_bind',14:58
zipgemI think it is no possible because custom_... is not the value but an attribute ...14:58
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zipgemRed15: so in this case, the only way is to create a custom class based on the same table of account_analytic_account and associate the two custom view15:02
zipgemI'm wrong ???15:02
Red15zipgem, view_id expects an integer15:02
Red15so you have to either manually insert the id of your view in it15:03
Red15or do a search in your ir_model_data15:04
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zipgemeasy easy15:06
zipgembut in this case I can use only 1 custom view, not one for form and one for tree15:08
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Red15not sure i think there might be a way, let me search15:19
zipgemoh thank15:23
Red15i think you can include the parameter 'view_ids' (instead of view_id)15:26
Red15view_ids = [   {'view_id': 'custom_form_analyticaccount_bind', 'view_type': 'form'}, {'view_id': 'custom_tree ...', 'view_type': 'tree'} ]15:27
Red15inside that view_ids you can also specify a 'sequence' per view_id if you so wish15:27
zipgemwow ... I'll try it immediatly15:28
Red15also maybe in your top action add a 'view_type' : ('tree','form')15:29
Red15like you usually do on actions if they should be able to switch between both15:29
Red15btw dont copy & paste that line i did for view_ids15:29
Red15replace the custom_form_... names with the id's you looked up before15:30
zipgemfor example id for custom_form_analyticaccount_bind is 524: I write {'view_id': 524, ... }15:33
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Red15looks about right15:47
Red15might have to tinker a bit with the view_type and view_mode (on the top level)15:47
zipgembut the id of the view that I have to use, is id field in ir_model_data or in ir_ui_view ??15:51
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Red15zipgem, in ir_model_data you will see the link between the name you gave it in xml and the res_id (which points to the ir_ui_view with this id)16:03
zipgemso the right id is res_id in ir_model_data and id in ir_ui_view16:06
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Red15res_id in ir_model_data == ir_ui_view.id16:21
Red15select * from ir_ui_view where id  in ( select res_id from ir_model_data where name = 'custom_form_analyticaccount_bind' )16:22
Red15if that makes it more clear to you ?16:22
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zipgemeheh ... I understand this, maybe I was not clear before ... I use in my wizard, for view_id, res_id16:25
zipgemonly this ... :)16:25
zipgemnow I'm trying to make work the wizard with my view ...16:26
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NeveenHello Red15 , when am returning [] it causes "  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/reportlab/platypus/", line 1312, in _drawBkgrnd16:34
Neveen    y0 = rowpositions[sr]16:34
NeveenIndexError: list index out of range"16:34
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Red15hmm tricky ..16:34
Red15that's quite low level16:34
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NeveenRed15 : What is the type returned from cr.dictfetchall() ??16:38
Red15a list with dictionaries inside16:39
Red15[{'id':1},{'id':2}] and such16:39
NeveenRed15 : The id represent record id ??16:41
Neveenit must be an id ??16:41
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Red15Neveen,just an example16:55
Red15as id is in everything16:55
Red15the dict keys are actually the columns names you selected16:55
NeveenRed15 : i tried list = [{'ref':''}] then return list16:55
Neveenit cause an error  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/openerp-server/report/render/rml2pdf/", line 114, in _process_text16:56
Neveen[2010-04-27 16:31:45,994] ERROR:report:[19]:     txt = eval(expr,self.localcontext)16:56
Neveen[2010-04-27 16:31:45,994] ERROR:report:[20]:   File "<string>", line 1, in <module>16:56
Neveen[2010-04-27 16:31:45,994] ERROR:report:[21]: KeyError: 'ref'16:56
Neveen[2010-04-27 16:31:45,994] ERROR:report:[22]:16:56
Neveen[2010-04-27 16:31:45,994] ERROR:report:[23]: 'ref'16:57
Neveen[2010-04-27 16:31:45,994] ERROR:report:[24]: expr: obj['ref']16:57
Red15in your report what do you have for repeatIn ?17:05
Neveen[[ repeatIn(get_data(data['form']['date1']),'obj') ]]17:08
Red15and you then do obj['ref'] somewhere inside this repeatIn ?17:09
Red15and i assume get_data returns cr.dictfetchall() ?17:09
Neveenyes, get_data return result returned from query17:10
Red15still think it might be better to either return [] or None from get_data when you have nothing to repeat17:12
NeveenRed15 : i tried return [] and it didn't work but i will try return None now . Thanks :)17:14
Red15it's worth a shot Neveen17:15
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NeveenRedRed15: Thanks :)17:33
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Red15Neveen, it worked ?17:34
NeveenRed15: not yet :)17:34
Red15then don't thank me just yet :D17:35
prepoHello, Is there a way to generate XML Report  with xls extension  not pdf extension?17:35
NeveenRed15 : 0k , am thank u 4 ur effort wiz me:D17:40
dodoprepo: you should use the MS plugin17:40
dodoI don't think you could do it by any other way17:41
prepododo: do you have a tutorial or smthing to follow ?17:41
dodoprepo: no.. may be another person could help you17:42
simahawkprepo, you can use report_openoffice17:43
simahawkI don't remember if the official version support xls ootb but you can have it17:43
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simahawkprepo, you can also have a look at this
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oktayhi. what open source CRM is everybody using nowadays?18:41
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o-brownHello, could some one help me install Open ERP on my computer ? I'm unable to create a new database to load the demonstration data22:01
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dimhi there22:22
dim[openerp] I'm having a problem to edit an invoice, relative to some analytic account22:23
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