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Ebay integration with OpenERP by BistaSolutions

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Bista Solutions announced the release of an E-Commerce module which integrates eBay with OpenERP. The OpenERP eBay connector was developed over a period of two years, while working with several leading eBay sellers. 

Some of the benefits this connector is that it provides a single, integrated business application that links your business with ecommerce, CRM, marketing, order management, inventory, manufacturing and accounting. You are now able to manage one or more web stores and execute ecommerce activities in different countries, languages, currencies and channels.

OpenERP eBay connector features:

  • Import product & orders

  • Inventory Synchronization 

  • List products to eBay from OpenERP

  • Products Schedule Management 

  • Product Status Update

  • High Volume Processing and many more

Watch here a demo of the ebay connector. 

If you want the ebay connector, get it here.



Date : 15th March, 2012