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All-in-one new search field

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In the last few months, we have done a lot of usability tests to see what needs to be improved, what needs to be completely changed or what needs to be eliminated all together. As a consequence, a feature that was developed to ease up the navigation through OpenERP is the new search field.

What is new about it? Well, for starters, now you have only one integrated search field. The new search field doesn't look like a form any more, it has been genuinely designed to look and serve as a search field. We decided to change it as it was a serious usability issue. When trying to search for something, users were filling in the search field and then clicked create. 

This is how the old search used to be


Now, with the fixed issue this is how the new search looks like


This smart search incorporates the prior individual search fields in one. Those features are not lost, just grouped in a single search box

All the features that were available before are still there:

  • search for a document of demo user

  • use filters or/and group by 

  • you can save your filters and you're given the option to make it public or private

  • apply advanced filter on all fields of the document

For now, these are the changes made for the search view and we are sure that will optimize your searches and make ti easier for you to customize it to your liking and needs.  

Date : 31st May, 2012