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Graph views in OpenERP redeveloped from scratch

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Are you keen on reporting? Do you like having a global view over your data in OpenERP? Then you'll be glad to know that we have redeveloped from scratch the graph views in OpenERP to make this possible. Besides having a great fresh and new look, the new graphs will help you better visualize your figures. 

Here is a screenshot of the new graph as available in the v7.0 CRM dashboard


For v7.0., the graphs have a cleaner layout than those of the version 6.1 of OpenERP and on top of that support numerous extra features:

  • 5 new modes: bar charts (stacked or not), pie charts, areas (stacked or not), lines, radar charts,
  • a new menu to dynamically update graphs (change mode, switch to grid, configure legend),
  • configurable legends,
  • switch to grid mode and download data as CSV,
  • export to a PNG image,
  • clean drawing and adapt to the window size,
  • unlimited "group by" feature.


In the 6.1. the look is a bit outdated and lacks options of any kind. The user is not allowed to edit the information or shape. 

Here's how it looks in 6.1.


We hope this will save you time and help you in better understanding your data.

Date : 3rd August, 2012