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Payment Follow-up Management module

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Almost every company has to deal with invoices not being paid in time or even at all by the customer. It can be quite a challenge for the accounting department to follow up with the reminder letters, calling the customers, checking whether they kept their promises and so on.  

The renewed Payment Follow-up Management module tries to simplify this process. This is done by defining follow-up levels, which are already set up in OpenERP but you can also customize as you wish. These follow-up levels are steps which specify the actions (i.e. send email, send a letter, etc.) that need to be executed when the customer is a certain number of days overdue with his payments.  


For every follow-up level, a specific template can be used for the mail or the letter. In addition, it is possible to define a manual action such as a phone call. These manual actions are located in a special tab “Payment Follow-up” in the partner form and can be followed up in a separate list. Each action is editable and as soon as you're done with one, you can just remove it. 

But let's think of a scenario when you call the customer after an overdue of 40 days and you agree that he will pay after another 30 days. In this situation, you can edit the action in the partner form and put a later date when you will check again if the customer has paid. You can see the history of the letters and emails sent in openchatter.   


Sometimes you don't want to harass your customer with all the follow-up emails and letters because you are still in discussion about it. You have the option to check the invoice as litigation. This feature will avoid that the invoice is taken into account when processing the follow-up

This module is available with OpenERP v7 and we believe that it can make a difference in the way you relate to your unpaid invoices.

Date : 30th November, 2012