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Danone surprises the market deploying an open source ERP - OpenERP

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"Extraordinary project in the industry world, Danone deploys a very fast, integrated managing tool in the merging countries. Surprise: it's an open source software package and the integration dealdlines are astonishing!"

Although Danone is a significant SAP client, the industry giant decided to use an open source integrated ERP solution for the emerging  countries where it operates. The OpenERP integration was done in collaboration with Octo Technology.

    OpenERP, a good SAP alternative for Danone's small entities

OpenERP was integrated in three of Danone's entities in Columbia, Argentina and Australia. Although the company has invested a lot for several years integrating SAP, it proved not to fit the needs that Danone had in the green field entities. From 20007, the structure of the group has changed, finding themselves in the position of having to manage smaller entities, which were not necessarily generating big revenue.  So, implementing their core model SAP didn't make sense. Consequently, a less expensive and more flexible solution was sought, allowing  faster implementations. 

Octo Technology said that even though SAP covers a large array of needs, it's an integrated non-modular software, not offering a lot of room for mistakes. They proposed OpenERP as a solution to Danone, as they considered it to be backed by a solid Software Editor and a strong community. 

Octo Technology went on further to explain that it was easy to work with OpenERP as it is well suited to agile implementation methodologies.

Satisfied with the results of the implementation, Danone would like to develop a platform to synchronise OpenERP with SAP.  

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Date : 8th September, 2011