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What's the difference between OpenERP Onsite and OpenERP Online?

There are no difference between OpenERP Onsite and OpenERP Online. OpenERP Online always uses the latest official stable version of OpenERP and includes several additional services: hosting, database management, stable security update, backups, maintenance, bug fixing and migrations, etc...

On top of that, custom modules cannot be installed by the end-user to make sure that your server will be as stable as possible.

What are the services included in the OpenERP Online subscription?

For every subscription, we provide the following hardware resources:

  • One application server for OpenERP, with web and GTK access,
  • Two incremental backup servers,
  • An access to the control center, backup and monitoring system.

It also includes the following services:

  • Maintenance services
    • bug fixes analyzed within 3 open days
    • migrations to each new version
    • security udpates.
  • Hosting at high bandwidth in our Europe or U.S. data-centers
  • Maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of your servers

Pricing and Payments

What is our pricing model ?

Our pricing model is extremely simple. We charge $49 or €39 per month per user. (According to the currency you choose). We bill you each month according to the number of users registered in the system at that time. If you add new users during the next 30 days they will only be charged with the next invoice.

The storage volume allowed is 1GB per account, this being the minimum dedicated per database. If you use more we will charge $6.5 or €5 per extra GB.

What is the Payment process ?

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each billing period, according to the number of active users created in the system. Once the invoice is paid, you will get a confirmation that the payment has been successful through the secured payment platform. If you do not pay the invoice within the payment term, your account will be deactivated but will be reactivated automatically after the payment has occurred.

How can I check my monthly usage and invoice ?

Daily statistics on your OpenERP Online usage page are available through the control center. They Include hours of use by instance, hours of use by day or user, monthly invoice amount, space used by your instance(s), etc.

Infrastructure and Security

What's the infrastructure provided?

For every OpenERP Online subscription, we provide an access to the following infrastructure to guarantee you the best reliability and security:

  • OpenERP Server and Web Interface
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Backup servers
  • An access to the control center, so that you can control your OpenERP Online instances and perform actions: creation of new instances, migrations, duplication of instances, access to backups, etc.

Where are located your data centers?

We have two data centers, one in Europe (France) and one in the U.S. (East Coast).

Can I get my data back?

With OpenERP Online, we want to provide you with the maximum flexibility and avoid the traditional Lock-In model of SaaS offers. Therefore, the version of OpenERP used in OpenERP Online is the same as the Open Source version of OpenERP you can install on your premise.

From the control center, you also have an access to all your backup servers. You can download a dump of your PostgreSQL database and all your files from our FTP access and switch to an on-site installation of OpenERP.

Can I get a shell access to my servers?

For security and confidentiality reasons, we don't provide servers' shell accesses to our customers. We only allow 3 OpenERP employees to have a root access to our customers' servers.

Data Import

I already use OpenERP, I'd like to migrate to the OpenERP Online offer?

Yes it is possible if your instance uses only modules from the latest offcials addons. Contact our sales to get a quote:

Can I import data from other software applications in my OpenERP Online system?

OpenERP supports data importation from .CSV text files (Comma Separated Values) for any object of the system. If you succeed to export all your data to .CSV files, you should be able to import it in OpenERP. For experts, you can also connect your own scripts through web-services. Read our documentation for more information. We also provide data migration services. Contact us to get a quotation depending on your current software:


Can I request some services for support and training?

Yes. If you need it, we provide services at an extra fee on OpenERP Online: support, trainings, help to customize or configure, data import, etc. You can also contact an OpenERP partner; most of them provide services on OpenERP Online as well.

What can I do if I find a bug in OpenERP Online?

All OpenERP Online customers benefit from the OpenERP Publisher's Warranty contract services, including maintenance and migrations service. If you find a bug please contact our support team at, by making sure to mention your instance name and subscription ID.

What are the extra paying services I can ask for?

  • Self-service implemetation: an implementation assistance that is directly managed in collaboration with OpenERP at a very reasonable price
  • Specific support packs: starting from 10 hours support package, up to 100 hours allowing you to have personalized functional or technical support from OpenERP as long as you have support hours left
  • Packs of users: for customers willing to benefit from exceptional discounted prices on their monthly users, we propose packs of users starting from 50 up to 1 000 users allowing you reduce the total cost of use of OpenERP and not have to pay on a monthly basis.


OpenERP allows you much more flexibility than other traditional ERPs. You can design new features directly in the OpenERP user interface. We provide you with the report designer, the screen and object editor, workflow designer, etc. Yet if you want to develop new modules we advise you to use the on site edition and have your modules certified by OpenERP in order to guarantee that they will be supported by OpenERP in the long run.

What languages are available ?

Over 10 languages are available in OpenERP Online (English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish). The OpenERP Online control center is only available English.