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Two new Gold partners in Latin America

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We are glad to announce that Vauxoo and Akretion have been promoted to the Gold Partner status. Both companies have had considerable contributions over the last few years on OpenERP. Here's a bit about both of them:

Founded in São Paulo in 2009 with a venture in Lyon since 2010, Akretion offers high quality OpenERP integration services in Brazil, France and the USA. With organic growth over 100% per year, they now count a dozen collaborators and have completed over twenty OpenERP integration projects with specializations in industry, wholesale, and e-commerce integration.

They bring outstanding talents to the SMB market with a skilled software engineering team and business analysts with proven accounting and fiscal records:

  1. Raphaël Valyi developed the OpenERP division at the largest European open source integrator from 2007 to 2009

  2. Renato Lima, with a decade’s experience in ERPs, contributed more than 60% of the Brazilian localization of OpenERP

  3. Sebastien Beau has been the main Magento-OpenERP Connector contributor in the last 2 years

  4. Alexis de Lattre has been an OpenERP implementer and user at Anevia since 2008 

Akretion has been contributing to the core of OpenERP for 5 years and is also the 3rd extension module publisher worldwide.

The other gold partner is Vauxoo, an Official partner of OpenERP in Latin America that provides support, coaching, development and implementation services. The major foundation and operational strategy of Vauxoo is to expand and grow the open source software awareness and to bring OpenERP to a leading position among business applications (ERP). In 2009, the company reached the Silver Partnership level and also became a Certified Trainer of OpenERP (CTP). 

Vauxoo is located in two important cities in Venezuela (Caracas and Valencia) and another two in Mexico (Leon and Obregon City). Since 2008, Vauxoo has committed to maintain, improve, and certify the Venezuelan, Mexican and Colombian OpenERP localizations, as well as planning the incorporation of statutory taxes of other countries.

Congratulations to both of them. We are thankful for their contribution in developing OpenERP in their region and building a strong base of satisfied OpenERP customers.

Date : 25th September, 2012