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Manage your lunch orders in OpenERP

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Many companies order sandwiches, pizzas, prepared meals, etc. from usual suppliers for their employees to facilitate lunch. The lunch management within the company requires proper administration especially when the number of employees or suppliers is important. The “Lunch Order” module has been developed to make this management easier but also to offer employees more tools and make it easy to use. 

In addition to supplier management, this module offers the possibility to define alerts such as  "Everyday from 6am to 6pm -> Don't forget to order your meal before 10am".  As a result, the user will see this alert from 6am to 6pm everyday.

The employees can:

  • See past orders and evaluate the state of their lunch account
  • Order their lunches with a complete form or by using the quick selection based on preferences 

The administrator can:

  • Manage different products for lunch, product categories and suppliers
  • Manage orders from their creation to their reception


  • Handle the lunches reimbursement for employees
  • Warn employees through an alert system

This modules if part of the new version 7. make sure you take a look at the Release Notes for more details on the new features. 

So, if you want your employees to save time, this module is essential. We are confident that this will ease up ordering lunches in your company and help you get rid of your spreadsheet or papers going around your company to take orders for lunch. We have been using this app in OpenERP and it has prooven to be very efficient and saves us time. 


Date : 22nd November, 2012